Jun 9, 2010

Color trends 2010

PANTONE is the world authority in charge of standardization for textile color and design. The report published in the autumn of 2009, regarding the spring/summer 2010 color trends, ranked first the optimistic aquatic turquoise.

This shade at the interface between blue and green, offers protection from psychological level and tells us to enjoy life. We go on a translucent ocean and think on a relaxing vacation, leaving behind a bleak and cold seasons. Turquoise gate with neutral colors is also favored by designers.

Other colors in vogue, will be:
-Tomato red is a strong color and warm,it is the summer hue of tomato, baked under the scorching sun.
-Fusion coral is coral color of the ocean wich fill a dress in neutral tones of gray or beige.
-Purple, conjures the spring flowers in lilac and his fresh smell.
-Tuscany Beige is a base shade, which can take bold accents of colors.
-Yellow of Northern Lights has a strong tone that can enhance the colors of earth and nature.
-Amparo blue, navy blue color of different energy or royal blue, were favorite in the past seasons.
-Champagne color, effervescence and optimism, complete this palette consisted of contrasts.
-Dried green plants (Dried herb), is a neutral shade by excellence that can be mixed with any other color palette proposed.
-Grey Eucalyptus is another background color that can be worn on clothing as the predominant color, accessorized with strong colors to express each own style.

Whether you prefer classic outfits, color balanced, or listening to the advice of designers and update your wardrobe each season, you should not miss the fashion accents in colors. A scarf, a belt or other accessory can change an outfit and can make you out from the crowd.

May 21, 2010

Floral essence

There is nothing hotter this summer than floral patterns. As I was walking through the mall yesterday I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of bright, floral patterned clothes. And I’m not just talking about floral shirts and dresses. There were also a ton of floral accessories such as earrings, scarves, bags, etc.

There’s something about floral patterns that reminds you of a simpler time where you didn’t have worries and everything was picture perfect! Then again, I’m probably reminded of my childhood when my mom used to dress me in big, frilly floral dresses, which I loved.

Anyways, this season is clearly marked by beautiful floral patterns and bright look-at-me colors. I also liked the rise of light, summery floral scarves that look great over a simple tee or tank. Make sure to get a few feminine floral pieces and pair them with ripped skinny jeans to offset the rugged look. It’s a perfect combination!

One thing to remember about florals though is that you don’t want to overdo it. Remember, one floral piece is enough, you don’t need to match everything…it’s all about balance and harmony!

May 10, 2010

Dress me up!

The combination sums up everything I love at top level style: take one pure and casual piece to dress up, just add to it a pair of heels and two or three accessories, and you are the the coolest girl. Prints are really big this season and there’s nothing cuter than a printed jacket for a parky evening.

May 7, 2010

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